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Balancing Rocks

About Us

At Life & Peace we believe that it is possible to be at peace with yourself and the world around you. Our clinical therapists work with individuals of all ages on the path towards happiness, healing, and rest. We are there every step of the way to facilitate the therapeutic process: helping you gain deeper insight into yourself, feel in control of your life and reach personal goals. Life & Peace utilizes a strengths based approach; specializing in trauma recovery, healthy relationships, motivation, adjustment to life changes, grief, depression and anxiety.


Meet the Therapist 

Jessica McKinnie, LCSW-C embarked on her professional journey in the realm of social work, specifically therapeutic foster care. With a robust foundation in trauma-focused interventions, Jessica's background influences her current clinical approach.

In 2018, Jessica shifted her focus to providing personalized counseling services as part of a counseling group. She now leads Life & Peace Counseling, driven by her deep commitment to supporting young individuals transitioning out of foster care. Her mission includes developing housing and employment programs to empower these youth, offering hope, stability, and resilience as they work towards self-sufficiency.

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